At Keolis Commuter Services, our core values include a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion at every level of our organization. We hold our managers accountable to this commitment, which we believe is critical to our ability to provide outstanding transportation services to our clients, customers and the communities we serve.

We adhere to the MBTA’s Diversity Statement in serving the largest public transportation agency in the Commonwealth. We have a vital responsibility to provide our customers with safe and reliable service. But to meet this goal, we must tap the full potential of our greatest resource – a gifted and diverse workforce. A renewed emphasis on promoting and supporting the MBTA’s and Keolis Commuter Services’ culture of inclusion is critical to our future.

We pledge:

To inspire employees to appreciate the connection between diversity and the business imperative.

To implement and enforce policies and procedures that deter discrimination, encourage cooperation, and reward strong work performances.

To create an environment of fairness in which all employees can excel through increased opportunities for learning and training.

To strengthen our partnerships with local minority communities by establishing outreach programs to increase the number of diverse candidates who will meet MBTA and Keolis eligibility requirements for employment.

Just like the communities it serves, the MBTA and Keolis Commuter Services are comprised of the people and cultures that make this Commonwealth great. As the MBTA continues to expand its reach and modernize the system, it’s important that our workforce take full advantage of the rich and cultural resources of the region. It’s our talented and dedicated employees who can help the organization succeed while building goodwill and support among the riding public. This goal is achieved through a highly professional, respectful, and multi-cultural workforce that appreciates and values the diversity of the Keolis’ and the MBTA’s sphere of influence.