Keolis Commuter Services support of environmental issues goes beyond trying to get passengers out of their cars. As a provider of worldwide transport solutions and an operator of thousands of vehicles, Keolis is proactive in promoting solutions which limit our impact on the environment.

In Greater Boston and throughout the world, here are some of the ways Keolis Commuter Services gets very green.

Development of alternative fuels
A pioneer in the use of alternative fuels, Keolis’ Swedish subsidiary Keolis Sverige runs 61 percent of its buses on biogas, ethanol or biodiesel, saving 25 percent on its annual fuel consumption in 2012. Keolis Sverige is now in charge of the world’s largest fleet of buses running on alternative energy with 1,130 vehicles in Sweden. And in 2013, half of the buses used on Quebec’s intercity services operated by Keolis Canada runs on “dual fuel,” thanks to a patented technique that mechanically transforms engines to alternate use of gas and diesel.

Eco driving
In France, Keolis drivers are trained in defensive driving to save fuel. In Sweden, Keolis buses are equipped with handheld devices connected to the engine which monitor fuel use and indicate excessive acceleration or braking. Drivers measure their performance against each other and can qualify for performance-related bonuses.

Hybrid Buses
In December 2012, 30 hybrid buses entered into service in Bordeaux. Equipped with innovative technology that combines electrical and thermal engines, these buses now make up 8 percent of the total bus fleet in Bordeaux. The use of electricity over long distances can achieve a 30 percent reduction in emissions and fuel consumption. The vehicles’ quieter electric motors, along with Stop and Go technology, also significantly reduce noise pollution levels.