Keolis, MBTA Commuter Rail Operator, What we do and do not do

 Keolis began operating the MBTA Commuter Rail System on July 1, 2014. We have an 8-year contract with the two options to renew for two years each.

Keolis and the MBTA Commuter system are:

  • 5th largest commuter rail operation in North America
  • 14 lines covering 394 route miles, serving 137 stations
  • 127,000 passengers each day
  • 81 locomotives, 481 passenger cars
  • 500 trips each weekday; 228 trips each weekend day
  • 2,100 Keolis employees in Boston.


What Keolis Does:

What Keolis does not do

Provide passenger information in stations and through its Customer Service Team

Operate the MBTA’s subways or busses


Engineers and Conductors operate the commuter rail trains and collect fares

Determine ticket prices, refund policies or train schedules

Maintain/ repair locomotives and coaches

Provide Law Enforcement

Maintain/ repair tracks, stations and other infrastructure owned by the MBTA

Manage parking facilities

Establish and implement its Snow Plan for significant weather event

Install/ manage WiFi