MBTA Commuter Rail App

The Greater Boston Commuter Rail App offered by Keolis Commuter Services. A simple one screen interface gives the Boston area Commuter Rail rider everything they need to make their train on time, including schedule info, train progress and alerts.



  • My Ride. See how much time you’ve got until your train arrives, then follow its progress, and even how much gas you’ve saved by riding the Boston area Commuter Rail.
  • Schedules. Commuter Rail schedules at your fingertips.
  • My Trips. Save your trips for easy access later on.
  • My Alarms. Need to rest before your stop? Don’t worry—the official MBTA Commuter Rail app will gently wake you up.
  • Alerts. Stay informed about possible delays to your trip.
  • Lost and Found. Lost something? Found something? Let us know.
  • Feedback. Provide feedback directly to Commuter Rail Customer Service.