Keolis Announces Updated MBTA Commuter Rail App

Enhancements focused on further improving passenger communications

BOSTON – April 24, 2018 – Keolis Commuter Services (Keolis), the MBTA’s operating partner for the commuter rail, announced today an updated MBTA Commuter Rail App that includes an easier-to-use interface and several new or improved features. These new or improved features include push notification train alerts, average seat availability, track assignments, average on-time performance data and real-time train tracking.

“Since we launched an app in 2014, it’s grown in popularity with our riders as a source of information,” said Ric Salvatici, Vice President of Digital Solutions for Keolis. “With this update, we were really looking at how we can further improve communications, improve the user interface and increase information that is available to our passengers.”

The MBTA Commuter Rail App update includes many new features passengers have requested. With an improved user-friendly interface, the app features navigational tabs to allow for easier and quicker functionality. Push notifications sent via the app include T-Alerts, track assignments and arrival/departure reminders based on scheduled and real-time information. Passengers can turn this feature on or off depending on their preference and set a reminder to alert them 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes before a train’s arrival or departure.

The MBTA Commuter Rail App features real-time train tracking that allows a passenger to follow a train as it progresses along its route, helpful for riders as well as friends and families providing transportation from a station. The app also displays helpful information such as average seat availability and average on-time performance.

Customized banners were added to provide updates on severe weather, service changes and other commuter rail information. The app also allows passengers to submit feedback to our customer service team, and it includes Lost & Found forms.

Keolis’s updated MBTA Commuter Rail App is available now at the Apple App Store and Google Play. It is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil) and Chinese. Customers should also download the mTicket App for ticket purchase and activation prior to boarding.