Keolis Commuter Services Team Members Lead Volunteer Effort to Clean Up Rail Properties Across the Commuter Rail Network

BOSTON – June 28, 2017 –Keolis Commuter Services (KCS), the MBTA’s partner that operates the commuter rail, recently organized volunteer clean-up activities with its employees at six different stations and communities served by the commuter rail. Through a regional collaborative initiative, Amtrak and Pan Am Railways joined the clean-up efforts in two areas in which they also operate.

“Our team is committed both to the communities we serve as well as to helping to protect the environment that is so important to our region,” said Clary Coutu, Manager of Environmental Compliance, KCS. “This ongoing and regular effort by our team over time has made a significant difference to help keep our network clean and looking refreshed for both our passengers and 2,250 employees who live here.”

KCS collaborated these efforts by partnering with Pan Am Railways employees at the Lowell Station cleanup and Amtrak employees at the Southampton Street yard cleanup. In coordination with KCS, this was the first time these railroad companies have jointly participated in environmental remediation across this shared network.

Railroad tracks are often susceptible to the accumulation of trash from litter, illegal dumping and debris from passing vehicles. Many of these items present a safety hazard from sparking fires to damaging passing trains.

A total of 1.65 tons of trash was recently collected from six different cleanups at the Framingham, Lowell, West Natick and Yawkey Way Stations as well at track yards in Somerville and South Boston. In addition to helping to keep the commuter rail network and its surrounding neighborhoods cleaner, collection of this waste helps prevent damage to the environment caused by run-off, leaching and consumption by animals.

Crews collect trash between the Framingham/Worcester Line and the Massachusetts Turnpike