Keolis Conducts Railroad Safety Blitz in Ayer

One of many events conducted across the greater Boston area to educate communities on rail safety

BOSTON – August 31, 2017 – Keolis Commuter Services (KCS), the MBTA’s partner that operates the commuter rail, recently organized volunteers to conduct a railroad safety blitz in the town of Ayer. Together with representatives from local fire, law enforcement and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), teams reminded residents to “See tracks, Think train.”

The goal of these events is to raise awareness of the need for rail safety and to empower the public to keep themselves and those around them safe. As a part of the event, volunteers handed out flyers to pedestrians and motorists at the railroad crossing at Sandy Pond Road.

“Our hope is to host these community events in as many towns and cities throughout the Boston area as possible,” said Chris Harrington, the Keolis Safety Officer who helps coordinate this initiative. “There are many misperceptions about train tracks that we want to set straight. For instance, many people don’t know that you typically cannot hear a train until it’s passed. This is the type of reminder we share during these types of events.”

The public was also asked to take note of blue Emergency Notification System signs located at every railroad grade crossing. These reference the specific railroad’s emergency number and U.S. Department of Transportation National Crossing Inventory number. These signs may also be used to report any malfunctions with lights or crossing arms.

Every three hours a person or vehicle is struck by a train in the United States according to Operation Lifesaver, the national nonprofit KCS and the MBTA support to reduce trespassing, collisions, fatalities and injuries at crossings or on the railroad right of way.