Keolis employees dedicate volunteer time to clean up Natick station

Beautification effort a part of the company’s Earth Month activities

BOSTON – April 26, 2017 – Employees at Keolis Commuter Services (Keolis), operator of the MBTA’s Commuter Rail system, volunteered last week to help clean up and provide minor repairs to the West Natick Commuter Rail station. Along the Framingham/Worcester line, the clean up is part of the company’s commitment to the communities it serves.

Employees across three departments — environmental, engineering and customer service – joined workers from Olympic Cleaning to collect trash, replace broken plexiglass, remove graffiti, add a new bike-rack, replace trash bins and remove inactive newspaper dispensers. Fifteen large bags of litter were collected by the crews.

“This is one small way for us at Keolis to give back to the neighborhoods we not only serve on the Commuter Rail but also call home,” said Clary Coutu, Manager of Environmental Compliance, Keolis. “Stations can be more than a medium between home and the train. They can be beautiful, livable and inviting spaces, and hopefully we have helped to do that for our friends, neighbors and customers who utilize the West Natick station.”

Keolis environmental develops and oversees programs implemented to meet legal or contractual environmental requirements, as well as Keolis’ Environmental Policy. Further, this group creates awareness through local campaigns, such as the Natick station clean up last Thursday and Pollution Prevention Month in the fall.

Eline Bakker (KCS Environmental), Dean Hazle (KCS Environmental), Ana Rita Pascoal (KCS Environmental), Amando Garsa (Olympic Cleaning), Angela Arias (Olympic Cleaning), Russ Gasborro (Olympic Cleaning), James Marshall (Customer Service), Sheila Lynch (KCS Engineering)