Keolis Commemorates Earth Month Through Commuter Rail Neighborhood Cleanups

Driving progress responsibly.
Activities will advance previous work to clean and beautify the commuter rail network.

BOSTON – April 4, 2019 – To commemorate Earth Month, employees and volunteers from Keolis Commuter Services (Keolis) will dedicate time and resources during April to help beautify, improve and clean up neighborhoods around commuter rail stations. Earth Month is a global commemoration promoting environmental awareness and advancement, and throughout the month, Keolis volunteers will organize and participate in clean ups and other activities in Boston, Brockton, Framingham and Lynn.

During April, Keolis teams will be picking up litter along the right of way and beautifying landscape areas at and around Boston’s Four Corners/Geneva Station, Brockton’s Campello Station and Lynn Station. At Four Corners/Geneva Station Keolis teams will also host a free gardening workshop for residents who live in the surrounding neighborhood. In addition to the benefit of a cleaner neighborhood and a reduced environmental impact, helping to keep railroad tracks clear of litter and debris helps to reduce the risk of fires, environmental contamination through run-off and damage to trains.

“While our Keolis teams work diligently to implement and maintain sustainable processes every day, Earth Month allows us the opportunity to recognize these achievements and share them with the general community,” said David Scorey, Keolis General Manager and CEO. “We look forward to engaging with the MBTA and our community partners as we work to improve the environment and the appearance of our stations and infrastructure. It is important that commuter rail remains a clean, safe and welcoming environment for commuters and leisure travelers.”

In addition to these cleanup and community activities, on Saturday, April 27, employee volunteers will participate in the Framingham Earth Month festival with giveaways and to demonstrate the environmental benefits of public transportation as a climate-friendly choice when compared to driving a single occupancy vehicle. According to the American Public Transportation Association, the average motorist contributes 10,000 pounds of carbon emissions per year.

Keolis employees will benefit from a tour of the Casella Waste Systems recycling plant in Charlestown as part of a training program to implement more effective recycling practices. Additional training opportunities will be provided to employees that focus on environmental policies, safe work practices and the benefits of transit systems to public health.

Since assuming operations of commuter rail in July 2014, Keolis teams have volunteered thousands of hours focused on community cleanup and related activities and have removed several tons of trash from the right of way and other areas around commuter rail stations, some of which is above and beyond contractual obligations.