Update on MBTA Services

BOSTON –  January 7, 2018 – With the transit system still recovering from both heavy snow and a prolonged cold snap, the MBTA is urging its customers to build an extra 15 to 20 minutes into their Monday morning commutes. In extremely frigid conditions, hundreds of MBTA employees and contractors have been working non-stop to keep the system functioning.

While most MBTA services will remain on regularly scheduled timetables, there are two morning Commuter Rail trips that will not operate tomorrow morning. Train 900 (6:20 a.m. from Stoughton) will not run. Customers from Stoughton and Canton Center are advised to take Train 902 (6:45 a.m. from Stoughton) or Train 804 (6:00 a.m. from Providence), which will make additional stops at the following times: Canton Junction at 6:41 a.m., Route 128 at 6:47 a.m. (normally scheduled), and Hyde Park at 6:53 a.m. Also cancelled tomorrow morning is Fitchburg Line Train 401 (6:25 a.m. from Boston). Customers are asked to board Train 491 (6:45 a.m. from Boston), which will be extended to make all stops between Littleton/Route 495 and Wachusett. This will result in a delay of up to 30 minutes to passengers who normally take Train 401 (6:25am from Boston). Train 408 (7:10 a.m. from Wachusett) will also make local stops to Boston, adding about 30 minutes to the trip.

The safety of its customers and employees continues to be the first priority for the MBTA. The MBTA will make every effort to operate subway trains and buses at or near regular weekday schedules, but some delays may occur.

Ferry services will operate under normal schedules except for the Hingham ferry line, which is still out of service until the Hingham Dock is repaired. In the meantime, bus shuttle service continues to operate from the dock to the West Hingham Commuter Rail Station on the Greenbush Line.

“On behalf of the entire MBTA, I would like to thank our customers for their patience and support during this extraordinary cold snap,” said MBTA General Manager Luis Ramírez. “I also extend my gratitude to our employees, contractors, and the communities in which we operate for their dedication and hard work under these extreme temperatures.”

MBTA operations, shops, work crews, and field personnel are working under extreme arctic and potentially unsafe conditions, and many have been on-call or on-duty since the cold spell started before the New Year. Throughout the weekend, MBTA crews have been working nonstop to prepare for current and upcoming service. Orange and Red Line cars have been routinely inspected and prepped for electromechanical maintenance needs throughout the entire weekend in the Wellington and Cabot car houses. This has included the cycling of train sets in and out of service so they are not sitting idle in the yard or at end points of each line. For trains that are not running throughout the system, MBTA teams are routinely opening and closing doors as well as testing brakes and propulsion systems for any moisture buildup and freezing. Green Line cars are being inspected and prepped for electromechanical maintenance throughout the entire weekend in our Riverside car yard. This also includes testing of doors, brakes, and propulsion systems. Signaling and track crews will also be deployed throughout the weekend to inspect all rights-of-ways and complete necessary repairs of all essential systems — especially those vulnerable to the current harsh temperatures.

Customers are encouraged to check the weather forecast, prepare for extremely cold temperatures, and exercise caution during slippery conditions. Other MBTA services may become affected by the continued falling temperatures with customers also encouraged to visit the MBTA website, sign up for and check T-Alerts, and follow the T on Twitter @MBTA as well as the commuter rail at@MBTA_CR where all service updates and the most up-to-date service information will be provided.

Posted 7:30 p.m., January 7, 2018