It has been two months since the new commuter rail schedules were introduced and we wanted to provide you with an update on the performance of the system and the adjustments being made to Worcester Line trains that have been experiencing delays as a result of the changes.

As you may know, the new schedules that were introduced on May 23 represent the most substantial change this network has experienced in more than two decades. The total number of weekday trips across the network has risen to 511, with 21 trains added each day and mileage during peak periods increasing by 12.6%. This has resulted in a temporary downturn in on-time performance which is not unusual for a schedule change of this scope and magnitude.

Over the next few months, we’ll be working with the MBTA to analyze performance data with plans to announce final schedule adjustments in the fall. In the meantime, we’ve identified 9 trains on the Worcester Line where, effective immediately, we’re making slight modifications to the timetable. Arrival times for the trains have been adjusted by 5 to 10 minutes to reflect the actual performance of these trains, making it easier for our passengers to accurately plan their journey. Please note that departure times will remain unchanged.

Inbound Trains to South Station New Arrival Time at Destination
588 (4:47 pm train from Framingham) 5:41 pm at South Station
522 (3:45 pm train from Worcester) 5:06 pm at South Station
526 (6:05 pm train from Worcester) 7:23 pm at South Station


Outbound Trains from South Station New Arrival Time at Destination
517 (3:30 pm train from South Station) 4:49 pm at Worcester
519 (4:25 pm train from South Station) 5:50 pm at Worcester
521 (5:05 pm train from South Station) 6:32 pm at Worcester
593 (5:15 pm train from South Station) 6:14 pm at Framingham
523 (5:40 pm train from South Station) 7:10 pm at Worcester
525 (5:50 pm train from South Station) 7:28 pm at Worcester


In closing, we thank you for your patience and perseverance during this implementation process. You don’t like it when your train is delayed and we don’t either. But we’re confident that once these adjustments are finalized, the result will be a more consistent performance across all lines and a railroad system that is better able to recover when incidents or issues do occur.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Keolis Commuter Services